How to lose Fat and look your best

Hello everyone,

Today I'll be discussing upon a most critical topic we all worry about. That's "WEIGHT LOSS" 
Everyday millions of us explore tips and tricks to lose weight fast, we go through 100's of blogs and articles to know how to get rid of extra fat, how to lose inches off your waist or any other targeted area we want to work upon and there are truly millions of tips and the most common tips given are 1) Excercise 2)Avoid fatty foods and junk foods etc etc.

And believe me there are only these two tips you have to follow dying hard and you'll see yourself transform.
All you need is a good workout plan; go to gym or work at home but mske sure to do it atleast 4 days a week.

I have been following an international fitness trainer Tiffany Rothe and believe me, she is truly truly amaaazziing.. she is a goddess i must say. P.S i love her.
She has a virtual studio running up on Youtube where she has around 50 or more videos you can choose according to which body part you want to focus or else you can do each one of them as she will give you a weekly routine. Believe me.. you'll love them as i do crazily. they are super super effective..!! If you eat healthy and workout for atleast 30 minutes with her videos.. you'll see results in a week.
And these videos are short (10 minutes) and very much fun that you'll enjoy every bit of your hard work and just just under 10 mins, you'll sweat crazily.
Unfortunately, last year i got to know that i was going through hypothyroidism as i could see my weight continously increasing.. since then it has become a bit tougher for me to lose weight as i lost motivation. But now since 10 days, i am again stuck to TRW and will share my Before and After pictures as soon as i see good results.
Whenever i need some motivation, i always read the comments of the ladies on Tiffany's videos and it again pushes me up to work again.
But what you need the most is 'patience'  because everyone has a different body system, some see results faster and for some, i takes some time but that doesn't mean you stop working out.
TRW is the best workout plan and never feel like checking out other workout videos on YT because i know what i have is the bestest amongst all.

You can subscribe to her channel Tiffany Rothe Workouts on youtube.

Some of my favorites are:
10 minutes mountain climber workout, burn fat to the max!
(it actually burns fat crazily)

10 minutes booty shaking workout (awesome workout to shrink the waist, really effective)
Be beautiful and healthy
Get you sexy back!  (Good for thighs and muffin tops)

And i think all the workout plans are good and equally effective. Here i am getting confused which one to mention.

But i promise you, it wont disappoint. And to lose weight, you have to eat healthy for sure. Quit sodas, packed foods, switch to roasted or baked instead of fried, eat nuts, fruits and drink lots of water. You don't have to go to gym that creates a hole your pockets or consume expensive supplements that has lots of side effects.. all you have to invest in is your internet and some healthy food stuff. Its your body, when you feel good from inside.. you'll look got from outside..!!

Have a cup of warm water after dinner before going to bed. It helps in the melting of fat.
I workout everyday with TRW 
I eat 2 digestive buiscuits or nuts with a glass of milk for breakfast,
for lunch i don't really mind eating 2 chapatis with any curry or dal or any subzi (I am not eating rice anyway) and for dinner i only go for fruits or raw veggies.

Note: Cardio helps in burning fat fast.

Yes it's been 10 days and i am observing some changes in my body, i'll share the pictures as soon as i see some big difference. Till Then

Be Beautiful and Healthy
Goodbye.. :)


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