Hoppingo.com – The digital haven for shoppers!

E-commerce has become a shopper’s paradise and for a reason. Life has become too hectic

for you and me to visit brick & mortar stores, have an aggressive sales person breathing

down our necks and what’s more go home and realize that what you’ve shopped, perhaps,

in a rush doesn’t really fit the bill!

That is how ‘Hoppingo’ came about – India’s first ever, ‘See-Commerce’ digital platform. No,

Hoppingo is not just another e-Commerce site showcasing a range of products from across

categories in the most innovative manner for you to pick and choose from.

You may ask, ‘Then what is Hoppingo’?

You may explore the many ecommerce sites in vain, because the more you surf the more

confused you get.  This is where Hoppingo becomes the ideal interface between you, the

buyer, and millions and millions of products showcased on various e- stores. Hoppingo

delves into the depths of the myriad websites and showcases the most wonderful products

to cater to buyers – all at one spot!  We do this for the love of showcasing the best to every

e-shopper adding convenience, comfort and interesting options, all under one roof. All you

have to do is – See.

And you can set your eyes on a range of products – all at one place!

Shoppers delight in visiting as many e-stores without realizing the mental fatigue they cause

themselves. It is a haranguing experience. You tend to get attracted by the rich designs of

some websites, their creative visuals and in the bargain get lost in the melee. At times, you

may select and add products to your e-basket but never really buy them out of sheer ennui.

Remember there’s Hoppingo to your rescue, keeping a track of what you like.

Disclaimer: Press Release shared by the brand PR.


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