Product Review: Garnier Ultra Blends Soy Milk and Almonds

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It's been a long since I've posted anything. So, now getting back to my work , I'll be reviewing the Garnier's Ultra Blend shampoos in 4 variants that I received in a beautiful hamper by Garnier.

As of now, I've just tried 2 variants out of four. So, I am going to review them only. Once i try all the variants, I'll share the reviews.

Before getting on the review, lets take a glance at what Garnier hs to say about the proiduct

"This is not a shampoo,
It's haircare like you've never felt before
It's about rich ingredients
Blended with love, just for your hair.

Now, getting ahead on the review, let me tell you that they have five variants in total, I received four i.e 5 precious herbs, Royal jelly and lavender, Soy milk and Almonds & Henna and Blackberry. The one which i didn't received is Mythic Olive.

Price: Rs.55
Quantity: 90 ml.

Variant: Soy Milk and Almond.

Description: The protein rich blend that repairs damaged hair. 
Soy Milk: Its high protein content replenishes and restores your hair, making it incredibly soft to touch.
Almonds: Rich in Vitamin E, almonds provide long lasting deep nourishment to hair.

Packaging:  It has a cute curvy solid packaging with golden cap which is sturdy. Although I am not very impressed with the packaging as I find it ok ok types.

Shampoo: Finally let's see how the shampoo works. The length of my hair is quite long (hip length) and i always crave for something nourishing and something that repair my hair especially at the ends as the strands from the middle to the end are years old hair and while they get older, they need intense care and deep moisturisation. Therefore, I always have to apply conditioner post shampooing to keep my strands moisturised to keep them in shape and tangle free. While i tried this shampoo, I decided to not to use conditioner after a wash to judge how good and bad it works. And believe me, I am in love with it from the 1st wash only. It is a pearly white solution and has a yummy sweet caramel fragrance that i really liked and once my hair were dried, they felt amazing. My hair were smooth and soft on touch, they were in a better shape (my hair are bit wavy and they are almost straight at the top to mid. My waves were beautifully enhanced and hair were much shinier than before and that too without a conditioner. So for me, its a cult favorite from now. I'll see how other variants worked but this variant is must try. Highly Recommended !!

Now let's check out the before and after pictures.
Before                                     After

Will be back with more reviews soon.


Be beautiful and healthy


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