NuAyurveda Abhyangam Therapy Review

Hey Everyone,

I am going to share my wonderful Abhiyangam Therapy experience with NuAyurveda. I was craving for something like this since long in order to pamper myself and let my body relax. And there's nothing better than a naturotherapy i.e a therapy which is practiced using natural oils and traditional methods. As i was eyeing NuAyurveda since quite long, I finally decided to give it a try and I instantly took an appointment form them in South Extension Part-2, New Delhi.

Firstly, while I entered the clinic, saw a beautiful interior with dim lights and strong lemongrass fragrance. So, it was started with a consultation with an experienced counsellor/naturopath who was examining my body type according to Ayurveda (There are 3 body types according to ayurveda i.e Vata, Pitta and Kapha). During this session, she asked about my behavior, likes, dislikes, nature, mind, emotions etc. And with a combination of this, I came to know that I belong to Pitta category. So, according to my body type, she recommended Abhyangam Therapy to me as I was looking for something that is meant for my complete body.


A single therapist was assigned to me who took me to the therapy room and handed me the disposable garments. The room too has a dim lighting and a very calming music kept playing throughout the session along with the same strong lemongrass fragrance. So, it was started with a nice head massage meanwhile my feet were soaked in warm water. The head massage was very relaxing, I started feeling sleepy during that but at the same time the smell of that oil was bothering me a bit. I tried to ask the benefits of that oil from my therapist, but all I could know that it helps in the case of dandruff, graying and hairfall and the best results can be seen if you use it regularly for a month. Since, the therapist was from Kerala, she couldn't speak either Hindi or English.
After a wonderful head massage, she asked me to lay down on the massage bed but before she covered the bed with a disposable sheet keeping the hygiene in mind. Then started the relaxing full body massage with warm oil followed by face massage. After the massage session, I took about 10 minutes steam bath finishing with a shower.


Overall experience is very good. Skin and hair feels amazing just after a single session. Joints feel much lighter and relaxed. Therapist was really skilled and well behaved. Other staff was amazing. There are many therapies that targets various problems of your beauty and health. You should definitely visit the NuAyurveda Clinic if you want something pampering as well as natural.

Not a good picture ofcourse :p but the skin felt and looked much better post therapy.

Overall Rating: 5/5

To know about Abhyangam Therapy click here

Please note : NuAyurveda is not operational on Monday. They need minimum 24-48 hours to create a slot for your appointment.

Be beautiful and Goodbye.. :)


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