Hot Make Up trends This Season

Its a season to flaunt bright lips, sultry eyes, breezy hair, and shiny nails.

Sunset Eye Effects

Gradations of purples, pinks, and oranges set off your eyes like a sparkling sunset. Apply the lightest colour below the brow bone, the medium shade on the lid, and the brightest at the lashes.

Candy-Coloured Nails

Candy colored nail paints are in.. try out fuschia pinks, berry pinks, corals and tangy oranges for your nails. Apply an extra swipe along the front edge of your nail and just under the tip to prevent chips.

Trimmed-Down Tips
Shorter nails ruled the runways this spring, and the nice thing is they’re supereasy to maintain. Go for a square shape, and give ’em a smooth shine with a Nail Buffer

Hair That Swings
Get extra bounce with layers and a product that controls curls or a wax that adds texture to fine hair.

You can use beer or vinegar as well to give your hair an extra bounce.
Barely There Bronze
Makeup pros are totally digging a toned-down faux glow. Switch to a tinted moisturizer that warms up your skin tone just a touch, and instead of going all over with bronzer, apply it only where the sun would hit your face naturally (forehead, cheeks, tip of chin).

Tropical-Punch Pouts
Go for vibrant lip shades, like the bright coral shown here. Tap a bit of clear gloss in the centre of your pout to make it appear extrafull and lush.

Skin With Subtle 

Apply a matte foundation and compact and “warm a very small amount of petroleum jelly between your fingers, and press it along your cheekbones and eyelids,” says Mark makeup artist Cynde Watson. The petroleum jelly reflects light, giving you a luminous, low-key gleam.

Eyeliner in Unexpected
Colours To make your gaze glamourous, streak a bold shade of eyeliner (turquoise, orange, green) across your lids. Draw a thin line for a modern effect, says MAC senior makeup artist Tiffany Johnston.

Long, Lean Lashes
After an obsession with extremely thick lashes, the focus now is on length—the more you can stretch yours out, the better.

Ruby-Stained Lips
This season’s version of the bold red lip is a soft, semimatte lip stain. Slick on one coat, and pat with your ring finger for a sultry effect.

Racy Ringlets
Wherever you’re heading this spring, chin-length curls are in. Wrap 1-inch sections of hair around a curling iron, let cool, and slide out. Finger comb, and apply a setting spray.

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