My Hair Care Routine

Hi Everyone..

Here I'm going to share my hair care routine with you.

Proper caring of your hair is extremely crucial to prevent your hair from unnecessary damage, hair fall, dandruff, frizz etc etc.
Your hair needs a complete care routine to give it proper nourishment, to keep it healthier and beautiful.

So my routine follows

  • Hot oil massage every weekend. :-
I usually do hot oil massage preferably on every Saturday before going  to bed as your hair gets a proper time to absorb all the nourishment while you're asleep. For massage, i take coconut oil while is easily available in the Indian can go for parachute coconut oil + sesame oil. you can microwave the mixture for 10 secs or heat up directly on flame. Now, add 2-3 tbsp of milk to it, mix well and apply to your scalp to tip and massage your scalp for 10 mins. Tie your hair tight and sleep.

Now, for the next day:-

Note: You can go for both these masks alternatively for twice a month. For Ex: you can apply a banana mask this weekend, then for the next week you can go for fenugreek seed mask and you can follow this routine every week respectively.

Now, wash your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Make sure, whenever you are using a conditioner, apply it only to your lower tresses/ends, do not use it on the upper section i.e 3 inches away from the scalp as these are the newly grown hair and are very sensitive, they do not need any chemical treatment otherwise they tend to get damaged soon. So, apply conditioner on the lower part of your hair as these are your many years old tresses and need conditioning..

Let your hair dry naturally.

Follow this routine and you'll see phenomenal difference in your hair.

Please share with me as well if you follow any such routine for your hair by commenting below. Would like to hear from you.

Till then.. Be beautiful and healthy

Goodbye :)


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