Hello Beauties,

Here I am going to tell you how amazing the beer is for your hair.

"P.S I am a non drinker :P"

Anyways, a chilled beer can help you to condition your hair and give it an instant shine and lusture.

You can use it either 2 ways:-

  1. Take sufficient amount of beer and apply it directly to hair evenly with your fingers and pull your hair straight downwards to give it a straight texture. Leave it on for about half an hour, and wash it off with your regular shampoo
  2.  After shampooing your hair, take a cup of beer and and dilute it in double or more amount of wanter into another mug and pour it onto you scalp & hair and wrap your hair with a clean towel. Let your hair dry as usual and see the results.

Take Care, Be beautiful and healthy

Good bye :)


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