Home made "Herbal Dye" for hair

Hi Everyone

In this post, I'm going to share a great idea for a home made herbal dye. In this hectic schedule, we have to go through various tough phases like stress, tension, pollution, diseases like sinusitis which is a very common cause of hair pigmentation.

Every second women is suffering from greying of hair and to hide greys, we have to use Chemical dyes and colors that reacts too harsh on hair and damages hair from its core that results in dullness, frizz and even more greys. And so, it insists you to use those chemicals more often.

So here's a herbal remedy that wont cause any side effect but will make your hair more stronger and shinier.


  • Fresh Gooseberry (Amla)
  • Gooseberry powder (if fresh gooseberry is not available)
  • Iron Pan (Kadhai)

Now, If you're taking fresh goose berries, cut them into pieces and grind it, make sure the amount is sufficient to cover your hair. Those having gooseberry powder have to soak the sufficient amount of powder overnight in water.
Now, take the pan and put it on a high flame, make sure that the pan is made up of iron only. Add the pulp into the pan, add some water and stir until it turns black and thicker. Once it is done, take the residue, let it be cooled on room temperature and it is ready to apply on hair. Leave it for around half an hour and wash it off with cool water.

Enjoy the results.

Be beautiful and healthy
Goodbye :)


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