Hair Conditioning Mask

Hi Everyone,

Here i am going to tell you the benefits of fullers earth in hair care routine.

I have posted earlier the benefits of fuller earth in skin care but trust me, it is equally beneficial for hair care too.
Fullers earth, known for its soothing properties, works amazing on your hair as a conditioning mask. Though applying this mask onto your hair is quite messy and tough as it dries out quickly, but the results are awesome.

Preparing this mask is quite simple

All you need is Fullers Earth (multani mitti) and water. Try to get the fullers earth in a fine powdered form as it is easy to use it, if you cant get it powdered, soak it overnight in lots of water. Now, make out a thin paste by adding water to fullers earth and apply it directly to hair by creating sections and overlapping the tresses by making a bun. Make sure that all your tresses are fully covered. Leave it on for about an hour and wash off your hair thoroughly with plain water. You have to wash your hair twice as the particles may left stuck into tresses, use a shampoo while washing it for second time, let your hair dry naturally(do not use a hair drier)

Repeat this routine everyone week and observe the results

Be beautiful and healthy

Goodbye :)

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