Hello Everyone

Today I am going to share some really effective home-made tips for smooth and shiny hair. This is a simple formula that will help you to condition your hair without creating a hole in your pocket. It will give a smooth, shiny and healthy hair.

What ingredients you need :

  • 2 tbsp Honey
  • 2  tbsp Clotted cream (Malai).. (It is a cream/skin that clotted over the milk)
  • Whole Cream(Easily Available in Market
  • Sesame Oil 

Take a bowl and mix the ingredients together and make a good paste of it. Make sure that clotted creme has mashed up thoroughly otherwise they might get stuck into your tresses. Now, once you have prepared a paste, apply this paste evenly on your scalp to tip with a help of an applicator or it is best to use your palms as they works evenly. You might feel it sticky or messy but trust me, you'll gonna love the results.
Leave this mask on your hair for about 1-2 hour and wash it thoroughly with your regular shampoo and Conditioner(optional), use cool water to wash up your hair if possible as cool water works best to give shine to the hair.

Believe me ladies, I personally have used this remedy and i love the  results. Do try

P.S Avoid heating your hair as much as you can. Let your hair dry naturally, as hair drier actually fries your hair and cause frizz and damage to the max.

Be beautiful and healthy.

Goodbye. :)


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