Home Made Hair Cleanser

Hi Everyone,

Here I am going to share a recipe for a herbal hair cleanser that will help you to pull out unwanted dirt and make your hair more healthier, shinier and longer.


  • Gooseberry (Powder will work but fresh will work best) 1 tbsp
  • Acacia Concinna (Shikakai) 1tbsp
  • Sapindus mukorossi (Reetha)1tbsp
  • Hibiscus 1tbsp
  • lemon juice
 Take all the ingredients together except lemon juice, and soak them overnight in about 4 cups of water. Next morning, drain out the residue and take the stock left and add lemon juice, use that water to wash your hair (use it as a shampoo).

Try it once, You will definitely see some results. Using it Every week will be great.

Be Beautiful and healthy

 Goodbye :)


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